Welcome Wordsmiths!

Chat Room for reading, eating and relaxing
Quiet Zone (socially distanced) with Zoom screen for writing

The Write Place is a peaceful haven in the heart of Frome where writers can escape isolation, stop procrastinating, and write together in companionable silence.

Besides the Quiet Zone, there’s also a separate Chat Room where you can eat, read, rant about writing, or simply relax in the shiatsu massage chair.

Wherever you write is supposed to be a little bit of a refuge, a place where you can get away from the world

– Stephen King

Our studios

Under the eaves of Black Swan Arts, our studios provide everything a writer needs:

  • TIME to really focus on your work 
  • A peaceful, creative SPACE to write in (no mobiles)
  • The SUPPORT of other writers, so you don’t feel alone
  • Excellent writing chairs for COMFORT

Open to all writers

We welcome wordsmiths in every genre, whatever your level of experience, whether you’re writing for yourself, publication, university or work.

In person or on Zoom

Our studios are open every day for writers who need company. Or you can join us online via Zoom.

COVID precautions

Take a look at our current COVID precautions.